open discussion on self-building

An open discussion with architects, researchers, artist, builders, students, former homeless and new residents aimed on the creation of a network on potentials, challenges and needs concerning implementation of self-building projects.


All participants exchanging experience and knowledge on designing temporary/permanent strategies and formal/non-formal practice of living spaces.

Located in the student built installation and museum pavilion of 21erHaus and TU Wien the group talked about historical background, role of the city of Vienna, case-studies from abroad, working with refugees and NGO, social legacy, ecological building materials, role of the University and participation of diverse user groups like students, the resource of skilled refugees and experiences of living in self-built structures.


By relating actors, activities and themes in phases of pre-construction, construction and post-construction a first step of balancing different point of views, language and positions could be achieved.

Ulrike Schartner (gaupenraub, Vinzi-Dorf), www.gaupenraub.net
Lotte Kristoferitsch (Eoos, Places for People), www.eoos.com
Daniel Glaser (IBA_Wien, Wohnbauforschung Stadt Wien),
Christine Hohenbüchler (TU Wien, Institut Kunst und Gestaltung), www.kunst1.tuwien.ac.at
Ernst Gruber (Initiative Gemeinsam-Bauen-Wohnen), https://gemeinsam-bauen-wohnen.org
Herbert Gruber (ASBN – Austrian Strawbale Network),
Michael Fürst (ICP, Make your City! smart)
Aaron Merdinger (Leben in der Wand),
Susi Gollner (Augustin Boulevardzeitung),www.augustin.or.at
Ghifar Aldarkazanly (Handwerker, Künstler)
Marlene Wagner (buildCollective NPO), www.buildcollective.net

18:00 Get-together / collection of ideas and questions
18:30 public discussion, followed by informal exchange


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photos: Ritchy Pobaschnig