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++Magaula Clay mine has been established as local ressource of building material++

++container converting into a site office, kitchen and workshop space. +++

+++The first workshop unit started on metall – cutting and welding to prefabricate the trusses for the communal building++++


++++meetings with the Magagula Steering Committee which has been named MLDF – Magagula Local Development Forum and other members of the community to clarify on tasks, needs and space. +++Presentation of the project to the local governement and continue meetings on land issues and zoning++present the project at the local Womens Day Celebration organised by the African Arts Organsiation +++++everybody is exited and motivated to join the journey of development++++

+++ visited housing developments and community centres in the big Township Katlehong for building up networks and research on management and income strategies.+++++Students from the University of Johannesburg came for a visit and will evaluate buildings in Orange Farm and at the Campus of the Ithuba Skills College.++++


buildCollective NPO

The Non Profit Organisation for Architecture and Development buildCollective established in 2010 with founding members and architects Elias Rubin and Marlene Wagner, working in developing
environments since 2006.

buildCollective is a platform for research and
implementation of

alternative building technologies
spatial strategies and
collective process.

Collaboration with universities, non governmental organizations, public institutions, companies, schools, sponsors, artists, users and local communities define process and framework for each project.

Focus is put on conscious handling of location and setting, resources, production of knowledge and the exchange between participants through the collective activity.

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buildCollective NPO
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