bridgingMzamba – screening and talk

After more than three years of implementation of the pedestrian bridge over the Mzamba River in Eastern Cape, South Africa, we celebrated the completion of the award-winning self-construction project bridgingMzamba together with partners, supporters and friends in Vienna.

After the screening of the documentary bridgingMZAMBA by Kay Gertler we invited members of the bridgingMzamba project team and guests for a reflective talk.

Walter Sauer, SADOCC.at, Universität Wien
Peter Fattinger, design-build.at, TU Wien
Florian Anzenberger, bridgingMZAMBA Diplomand
Birgit Werner, bridgingMZAMBA Sponsorin
Jesko von Jeney, bridgingMZAMBA Volontär
Elias Rubin, buildCollective NPO
Kay Gertler, bridgingMZAMBA Filmemacher

Marlene Wagner, buildCollective.net

supported by Schikaneder Kino