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impactTALK:building bridges literally

How to implement a lifesaving infrastructure where the formal system is failing?

The presentation will focus on process and collaboration between North and South, breathtaking landscapes, tribal authority, master students, Swiss engineers, round huts, snakes, local construction team, volunteers and a Hollywood movie production.


From initial request by community members to the realisation of the main structure the talk will also tackle questions like:

  • How 20m3 of concrete for piling foundation got on a construction site without an access road.
  • Why our clients are fighting against an Australian mining company and why a casino had to return land to the community.
  • How 15m high steel pylon was set up just by a team of volunteers and community members.
  • How Charlize Theron peed on the construction site but did not give us a cent.
  • How do you want to help us finishing up and support the last phase of construction

Language: German
Entrance: free donation
Wine bar: all earnings will benefit the project bridgingMZAMBA

supported by ImpactHUB Vienna, Erbhof Nährer Weinbau

photos: Nikola Krumpolz


bC presents: “The Shore Break” – fundraising MOVIE SCREENING

Supported by:
Director Ryley Grunenwald, Schikaneder Kino, SADOCC
19 00 Uhr bridgingMZAMBA Project documentation by Kay Gertler
19 15 Uhr Introduction to “bridgingMZAMBA” (15 min)
19 30 Uhr “The Shore Break” (RSA 2014, eng.sub, 90 min)
21 00 Q&A with buildCollective – NPO

The Shore Break
Filmed & Directed by Ryley Grunenwald
Producers: Ryley Grunenwald & Odette Geldenhuys, South Africa, 2014


The Shore Break, is an award-winning film that unpacks the dilemma faced by a rural community on South Africa’s Wild Coast as to whether to support or resist a proposed titanium mining project that could fundamentally change their lives forever.

Nonhle Mbuthuma, a young local eco-tour guide, is a staunch supporter of her people and the endangered environment on which their livelihood and culture depend. She wants to develop eco-tourism in order to protect her community’s homes, farms, graves and traditional lifestyle. Her cousin Zamille “Madiba” Qunya, a local entrepreneur and self-proclaimed modernizer, is fully supportive of the proposed mining operations and highway construction. Tired of his community living in poverty, Madiba scurrilously courts private capital and questionable government officials. While the South African President deposes the pro-environment Pondo Royal Family, Nonhle rallies support with little more than dogged determination.

Thank you all for supporting the fundraising event by joining and helping out making it a great night!


photos: Ritchy Pobaschnig, mundomania



The exhibition put together by buildCollective NPO and Carinthia University of Applied Science travelled to Spittal until end of June!

In a talk on PREconstruction and POSTconstruction bC presented their work beyond the actual building!




Further a number of workshops have been organised!

10458496_1039998966014171_7339797193614265287_nphotos: Uli Nieddu