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Extension of administration building

Another training object getting closer to a small housing unit is the extension of a staff or admin building. As the school grows number of learners and teachers extend, the existing space was getting too small.

We started talking to the principal and teachers about space, use and openings. Main issue was to include a so called safety box to safely store equipment like computers, documents and most important the national exam papers. Other important features were the view to and therefore control of entrance and parking area. Inside will be one big table for staff meetings, some desks at the windows and shelves. Besides the input of users the design is based on an existing concrete slab, orientation to the sun, circulation and a standard window-frame based grid.

As usual all parts were produced in house – concrete pillars, steel trusses, wooden frames and walls filled up with light-clay. The sealing is insulated and the safety box fully made of concrete with a strong steel door.

In the actual construction process the team of practical staff plus some additional help was forced to work more independent, setting goals and daily tasks on their own. This lead to discussions and autonomous decision making of the actual built design, for example of the window boxes.