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infrastructure and workshops

With members of Bank of Austria (Sponsor of the Ithuba Mzamba School), local management, construction team, teachers and staff we have been digging and pouring concrete for toilet foundations, brick laying, painted classrooms, made benches, shelves, a school-braai (bbq), origami frogs….and much more.






photos: Christian Reidlinger

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more toilets

The Bank of Austria came to start the project and the local team took over. An existing raised platform was adapted for eco san toilets and circulation stones design by Markus Dobmeier for Ithuba Wild Coast are used for light and air.

2711 _IMG_0328


photocredit: Bank Austria, Lukas Hofbauer


Vegetable garden


Starting in 2010 with just two beds the vegetable garden is supporting the school kitchen at Mzamba.

The learners take care and water the plants,  parents help out to keep it in shape and every year we could extend space for more onions, tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

Compost, shade, worm-farm and vertical recycled plastic-bottles were added over time.


Big thank you to the teachers and staff, the Bank of Austria, parents and community members joining in and actively supporting the garden project!






While supporting the new project – a children’s theatre by (check out their work on
– with knowledge and a hands-on workshop on straw-lightclay a small structure could be implemented for the local inhabitants.


Prefabricated wall-panels of lightclay were assembled and tested with the great support of motivated neighbors in Langa, Capetown and will serve as a soupKiosk.


Thank you to all participants – making it happen in just a few days!



toilets and water

In just two weeks we upgraded the school with necessary infrastructure.

An ecological toilet-system was implemented in an existing building.The 4 units of `ecosan` toilets with internal composting tanks will be put to test. Inside we plastered, painted and devided the space.

A new water tank tower to support the whole school with drinking-water was set up on a foundation built by `bankers`from Austria and local members of the community.



find more information on

Bank Austria


toilet and shower unit

The toilet and shower unit was built entirely by a local fundi and his team according to our design and plans. This provided the opportunity to learn what knowledge and local methods are available among the specialists, to show their work is appreciated (when done carefully) and to encourage the sharing of ideas among ourselves and the local community.

It turned out a nice teamwork and discussions on design and material issues.