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++++productive MLDF meeting and some progress on land issues. A spontanious presentation with the ward councillor brought new ideas on the topic of location. Magagula Heights got its very own history on land ownership and we met the company Mac Steel to clarify on Transfer status. As local schools are on strike ++++++transforming the kitchen in Ithuba into an office and meeting point++++


++++meetings with the Magagula Steering Committee which has been named MLDF – Magagula Local Development Forum and other members of the community to clarify on tasks, needs and space. +++Presentation of the project to the local governement and continue meetings on land issues and zoning++present the project at the local Womens Day Celebration organised by the African Arts Organsiation +++++everybody is exited and motivated to join the journey of development++++

+++ visited housing developments and community centres in the big Township Katlehong for building up networks and research on management and income strategies.+++++Students from the University of Johannesburg came for a visit and will evaluate buildings in Orange Farm and at the Campus of the Ithuba Skills College.++++