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colors of my season installation


The spatial configuration for the Street Omens performance in public generates itself not through defined Architecture but as a carrier or medium for the program. A modular, temporary space, using natural materials evolves, grows and adapts in situ.

This process of assembling is understood as a responsive action according to program, site, symbolic production and participants.
In reminiscence to the overall topic of Land – perceived as blank and only accessible via cultivation, active development of different utilization and disclosure of time.

A Landscape or Landmark (understood as in marking or zoning) – its origin unclear (invited or invented), a scene to pause and listen, to join and define – a performed catalyst.
The generated spatial patterns and modules of cultivation and history will neither be left of destroyed but rather passed on to a defined community after the performance.


research nairobi

Typologies in transition

Readings of recurring signs and recognition value of typologies despite legal, or formal status.

Exploration of different typologies (compared to south African informal settlements) like the public viewing/play – stations scattered all over the settlements or carpenters, coffin makers and furniture production clustered along main road.


Tyres and car spares:


The word house translated into a place of living no matter if it is a freestanding house on a plot or a flat in a multistory building. The acceptance of living in a flat buildings defines urban environment.

Mathare and Kibera

social housing from the 60´s and new self build multistorey-buildings


taxi rank or gallery

TaxiRank container presents an exhibition initiated by Anja Planiscek, curated by Peter Rauch and Sanele Ziqubu!

HOMES I have not been to – the participatory photographic project asks questions like how a space someone inhabits becomes home?

Is it only a physical space, a shelter from the outside and public life, that makes home for us? Or – is home something more intangible, not necessarily enclosed by walls and a roof?