empty plates


– a solidarity and awareness campaign for all inhabitants of Johannesburg

We all want a save and clean environment but not at the cost of humanity and respect for our fellow inhabitants, neighbours, sisters, brothers, friends and family.
The idea of the EMPTY PLATE derives from the evicted traders of the streets of Johannesburg as a sign of solidarity and the demand for an inclusive city.

As a common object for the presentation of goods in the streets – mainly fruits and vegetables neatly sorted into packages, the EMPTY PLATE symbolizes
– the absents of traders in public as well as
– the empty plates at homes as a result of lost income generation and affordable food.
Only a fraction of (formalized) traders are able to go back to business thanks to the Constitutional Court Order.

The EMTPY PLATE further stands against the brutality and despotism of the executive arm during the campaign and for a respectful cooperation and togetherness – no matter of origin, social background or financial means.
The awareness campaign is driven by the demand for a more inclusive and holistic approach for positive change in Johannesburg.
For the acceptance and appreciation of different livelihoods, lifeworlds and diversity.

Join the campaign by showing your solidarity for street traders and support the demand for an inclusive city and governance.

Paste an EMPTY PLATE in public!
Hang it from your window, place it in your shop-window or business, put it in your car, fix it on a pole, hang it on your fence… – show everybody that you do care!
Support your fellow inhabitants by buying an EMPTY PLATE for 50 ZAR from us!

This campaign by concerned citizens and individuals is collaborating with the HEI Café in Braamfontein, which is supporting the Hillbrow Entrepreneurship Initiative that helps homeless people pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Through this partnership people of different backgrounds will be involved and benefit, from the first step of creating awareness and spreading the message.
The next steps will include further support for a sustainable initiatives through crowd-funding and creative workshops.