Main task of this of implementation was to access and prepare the site for the actual construction of the orphanage. The Infrastructure serving the construction process and is supporting the agriculture and food schedule for the orphanage.

Through meetings and discussions with beneficial organization, companies and governmental officials we could obtain valuable information and knowledge of resources available for the construction process. (Room schedule, material costs, electricity and drinking water options, team structure and ability among the labor groups).

We surveyed and measured the proposed building land to set up an accurate masterplan according to terrain, the organizations needs and governmental regulations.

We encouraged a fair distribution of jobs among the local community members and Fonelisco staff and children. We employed 3 Fundis (foreman, specialists) and their team, 4 Fonelisco members, 3 Fonelisco youth and about 12 people from the community in the actual construction process, food supply and security.

special thanks goes to dan, marion, jesko and great vision!